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Douglas and Joanne Chapman Animal Trust

Douglas and Joanne Chapman lived life to the full in Norfolk, the country they loved. Douglas, a businessman, shared Joanne's passion for animal welfare as well as her interest in art and antiques. During the course of their long and happy life together, they also devoted a large amount of time to caring for animals, Joanne in particular, volunteering in her time, in both an administrative as well as a practical capacity, to help the Norwich branch of a national animal charity for many years. In the latter part of their lives, Douglas and Joanne gave much thought to how this charitable work could continue, in some form, after their deaths.

Supporting Compassionate Care of Small Animals 

Although they admired the ethos, values, and beliefs of many charities, large and small, devoted to animal welfare, among whom Compassion in World Farming was highly regarded, they came to a decision that a dedicated Trust, bearing their name, might offer more appropriate specialised assistance to the many animal charities, sancturies, reserves, as well as smaller places of animal protection they had encountered over the years in the county. 

For the reason that they loved Norfolk and knew it well, Douglas and Joanne decided the Trust's efforts should be concentrated just in Norfolk itself, and that the Trust should specify particularly that only small animals should benefit from it. 

It is hoped that any Norfolk organisation, large or small, or any group of people in Norfolk looking after small animals, mammals, or birds in a compassionate way, and who may need financial assistance from time to time for particualr projects, will feel able to contact the Douglas and Joanne Animal Trust to see if they are eligible for support.

In addition the Trustees aim is also to support the education of the public in matters pertaining to animal welfare and the reduction and or elimination of cruelty to animals in Norfolk.

The Trustees have already provided grants for various specific schemes in order to further the charity’s objectives. The Trustees have also been pleased to visit the donees of those grants to see how they have made a difference to the lives of animals in their care.

Recipients of grants so far have been: Norfolk Tortoise Club, Foxy Lodge Wildlife Rescue, People for Animal Care Trust, Venture Farm Cat Rescue, Feline Care, Catchums Cat Rescue, Wing & Prayer Wild Bird and Owl Haven, Seal & Bird Rescue Trust and North Norfolk Cats Lifeline Trust and Greenstead Hedgehog Rescue.


The Trustees


Penelope Watson-Farrar says...

I’ve had many pets from childhood onwards, and without exception always rescued ones: cats, dogs, chickens as well as one pigeon that lived for nearly 12 years in a purpose-built enclosure with ramps as it couldn’t fly. The protection and care of vulnerable animals is very important to me.


Terry Stanford says...

I grew up with a much-loved cat and a father who kept and showed cage birds, the experience of which has led me to prefer seeing animals in the wild. I am not currently sharing a home with domestic animals but have a garden which is home to hedgehogs, toads and myriad song birds. I love walking with friends’ dogs.


Stephen Skinner says...

I have long held views on the compassionate care of animals and have a strong empathy with the views of the founders of this Trust. I have many years experience in investment management which I bring into my role as Trustee.

Colin wright spire solicitors 2015

Colin Wright says...

I fully understand how important companion animals are to their owners having owned dogs, cats, sheep, goats and a pony at various times during my life. I knew both Douglas and Joanne Chapman and sympathise with their views in relation to domestic and farm animals which has become the mission of this, their Trust.

Val p

Valerie Plummer says...

I have always felt strongly about the welfare of animals, the wild as much as the domesticated.  I have had dogs at home most of my life and until recently maintained my own apiary.  

I have been involved with the Chapman Trust since it's inception and feel privileged to continue my involvement, now as a Trustee.


Are you helping small animals in Norfolk?

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