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To apply, simply check the eligibility criteria and procedure information then download and fill out the form

Grant Application Criteria Grant making Procedure and Policy Application Form

In this section you will find:

In addition to the information that is provided on the Application Form the Trustees would also like additional information detailed in section 3 of the Grant Making Procedure:

The Trustees would then propose visiting your organisation by prior arrangement.  It would be of great help to have someone on hand who would be able to show the Trustees around but also explain the project in detail and be able to answer any of the Trustee’s questions that might arise.

Please give as much detail about your plans and include photographs or other information which might be of help to the Trustees with your initial application.

Your grant application will then be considered at the Trustees' next meeting when a definitive answer will be given.

The Trustees will also let you know if your application has not been successful, but this will not, in itself, bar you from a future application.

Please send your applications to:

Douglas and Joanne Chapman Animal Trust

Spire Solicitors LLP

The Pines

50 Connaught Road

Attleborough, Norfolk

NR17 2BP