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People for Animal Care Trust. Registered Charity Number: 1154444. Date of grant award: 22/11/2014. Sum received: £5,500.00

Funds were used towards the building of a Wildlife Facility at the PACT Sanctuary. The Trustees were concerned about the quantity of wildlife which we were being asked to take in and our existing facilities were just not enough or suitable to cope as they were old porta cabins which we no longer used for our domestic rescues. In the winter of 2016/7 we cared for 160 hedgehogs which had arrived too small to survive in the wild and 60 more who had arrived needing medical care and these hibernated with us. We released this spring over 190 hedgehogs; fortunately we have arrangements with a local land owner who has 1500 acres of suitable habitat. Others went back to the gardens from whence they had come to be watched over by the caring home owners.

The Wildlife Facility Building is 23 metres long and 11 metres wide. It has 20 specialised rooms to treat and hospitalise all varieties of British wildlife and suitable facilities for staff The total cost so far including the new power supply, a road from the sanctuary, and a recovery paddocks for deer is £140,000.00 with a further £30.000 needed for outside runs for waterfowl and bird flights.

All Charities are struggling but particularly the small animal sanctuaries. The national charities now have special days sometimes weeks and months and have over the past five years have infringed on the local collections and events. We have seen a drop in store collections and collection boxes of 40% . Our charity shop income has dropped by 20 % in the past three years. Add to this the increase of animals needing help; in 2005 we had 20 kennels that were often full we now have 48 kennels that are always full and often to save lives have to rent boarding kennels locally. We had just 30 cats in our care we now have over 130! We have also experienced the closure of several small cat and dog rescues in Norfolk in the past ten years. Again the demise of the hedgehog 30 million in 1950 to under one million today is an indicator of how man's changes to the planet are effecting our native wildlife and hence the increase in work that is necessary by the small charities. With this in mind the help that a grant making trust can give to local animal charities is vital to the work they do and to their very survival.

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Img 5531