Grant Application Criteria

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Grant Application Criteria Grant making Procedure and Policy Application Form

Trustees can identify beneficiaries (i.e. who is entitled to be awarded a Grant) as they will meet the following criteria:

  1. Beneficiary Applicants may either be solicited or unsolicited
  2. Only Beneficiary Applications made in the prescribed form will be considered – see form attached.
  3. Beneficiary Applicants may be : Registered Charities; Unincorporated associations; Commercial Organisations; Individuals, but not the RSPCA (RCN 219099)
  4. A Beneficiary Applicant must have stated objectives that they provide a benefit for the county of Norfolk
  5. A Beneficiary Applicant must have objects and /or aims which include inter alia, a provision which the Trustees, in their absolute discretion, consider enables the Trustees to meet their objectives and/or aims stated in their governing document. That is:
    • to promote the care and protection of small animals in Norfolk and/or
    • to actively promote the welfare of small animals in Norfolk including but without prejudice to the foregoing Compassion for Animals in Farming and/or
    • in taking steps as necessary to reduce and eliminate cruelty to animals in Norfolk